4 Reasons a Truck is Cooler Than a Car

When you're a diehard fan of pickup trucks it can be strange to meet people who don't share your perspective. I mean, come on - we're talking about time-tested and tried vehicles that can tackle the toughest jobs with capabilities that makes life a thousand times more fun. Why is there even a contest between cars and trucks? It's pretty obvious which one is the right choice.

All the same - we know what we know, and for those who doubt us, well, here are 4 good reasons why trucks are better than cars:

1 - Maybe You Don't Want Flexibility?

#1 - Maybe You Don't Want Flexibility?

Hey, we're not trying to judge you too much but if you think that driving around in a car will give you the flexibility that a pickup does you're kidding yourself. When you drive a pickup you open up a whole new world of possibility that, trust us, will immediately change the way you look at just about every type of trip you're embarking on.

We're not saying that suddenly you're going to be walking through a store and spot a paddleboat and buy it there and then - but here's the thing - you totally could! With a cargo bed the opportunities open themselves up in ways that you may never have considered before. From fitting a new bed in the back to carrying home new plants to spruce up your home, the convenience factor of owning a truck is undeniable. Heck, if you have a family and are headed out on a trip out of town and want to bring bikes or equipment along - no problem!

Really, what we're getting at here is that there will be less reasons to hold off or question whether you have the space and more incentive to say yes to things and experiences that are definitely out of your reach when you drive a car.

#2 - Capabilities Ready to Complement Your Life

Right, so you have something that needs towing and you don't own a pickup? Well, that's a problem. Fortunately for those who have the good sense to have one sitting in their driveway or parking spot waiting to be called to action, you have everything to gain when a job comes in or a trailer needs hauling.

With a fairly wide range of precise capabilities to draw from it comes down to what manner of pickup truck you own or what you expect you'll be doing with it. For drivers that are a little less required to hitch up a trailer, a boat, or some other contraption behind them there's certainly no great need to grab a heavy-duty class pickup and you may fair well enough with the power of a light-duty model.

It's not just about what you're towing behind you, though, it's about the capability to make your life easier and get work done right without complications.

3 - Explore Your World

#3 - Explore Your World

Don't you worry about having to deal with sudden changes in the seasons or weather that becomes difficult for those lesser-beings (we're talking cars here). When you drive a pickup you'll gin a ground clearance that practically yells profanity at you should you to turn tail and run.

Whether you're trying to get up a difficult hill (that 4x4 capability will really make a difference) or you want to hit the slopes for some mid-winter skiing - you'll be glad that you bought a truck.

Don't make it just about getting around tough weather, though. The pickup truck is your 'get-out-of-town' partner. Do you like to camp? Fish? Hunt? Visit scenic seaside towns for coffee that just-so-happen to require you to cross a few streams along the way? Trucks, trucks and more trucks are your obvious solution

4 - Safety and Peace of Mind

#4 - Safety and Peace of Mind

Now, we're not trying to say anything against the safety of other vehicles, but that's not to distract too much for the obvious. With full-frame body design and heavier construction matched by engineering that forecasts the idea that you're probably going to want to deal with some rough-and-tumble jobs while you own one, trucks are generally a safer vehicle to be driving.

As versatile as your Swiss-army knife, trucks offer plenty of options to make your life better when you own one. Choose models with room for 2, 3, 5, and even 6, and know that you'll get a lot out of your experience with these heroic figures on the street. Plus, they leave an impression whenever you go.