4 things about Fairview, AB

Located in the heart of Peace Country, Fairview is a community elevated by its exceptional residents and supported by the quality of life that exists nowhere else in the world. With fine summers, mild autumns, brisk winters and a comfortable thaw brought by the warm springs, there's a reason why Fairview continues to expand and grow.

Fairview, AB

1 - Fairview was Established back in 1928

The history of Alberta is intrinsically connected to the railway. In this way Fairview's past is one that can become a working anecdote for many of the communities in the area and really began to flourish when the railroad extended west from Whitelaw. With its arrival, through Beaver Indian Reserve, the Hamlet of Fairview was established. In fact, such a momentous event was the addition of the railway travel potential and connection with the rest of Alberta that Waterhole, a smaller community not far to the south, was packed up and transported to the new location of the railroad site.

2 - The First Train Arrived in November the Same Year

With anticipation and communal applause the first train rolled into the station in Fairview on November 2nd, 1928. It was the heralding of a new era and a welcoming of new potential for frontiersmen and women who had settled in the area in part because of the promises of the opportunities the railway would bring. Entirely as a result of this, Fairview was incorporated as an official village on April 22nd, 1929.

3 - The Town of Fairview

The world had its share of complications at that time and would continue to for decades forward. Still, Fairview persisted and grew, establishing and enjoying the title as a town in 1949. This is probably a good thing in modern context as there is also a community in southern Alberta that goes by the name Fairview, though, that one is still recognized as a Hamlet within Lethbridge County. Today's Fairview is a stark contrast to its forbearer, with an active population highlighted by arts and cultural events offering everything from golf, skating, skiing, curling, and so much more.

4 - Home to Incredible Events Year-Round

Perhaps one of the greatest draws to Fairview is the quality of the community here. With events that include the Agriculture Society Fair, the annual Waterhold Pro Rodeo and Parade, Malanka Ukrainian New Year, and of course the Peace Classic Wheels Car Show, there's always something great just around the corner here in Fairview, Alberta!

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